• Start
    Just register and sign in. Then you can start your project under “My account”. Go to “Create CD”. Enter your band’s name and the title of your CD under “Edit CD information”. If you only want to record some short tracks on your CD, then choose EP (up to 25 minutes recording time). If your project features more or longer tracks, you can create an LP (25 to 75 minutes recording time).
  • How do you record a track?
    Go to “Select tracks”. You can choose any track you already have as an MP3 or WAV file and upload it to your project via drag and drop.
  • Design your cover
    You may want to start simple. Go to “Edit visuals” - your band name, CD title and the play list will already appear in a standard design template. You can move the texts around and adapt the text size and colour. Then you can choose the background colour. Everything else is already designed for you. If you would like to change the background picture, you can upload your own picture (e.g. a photo of yourself). To achieve a more sophisticated and individual result, you can design and upload your own, individual graphic to our template.
  • Finish your CD – confirm and order
    After having designed your cover and uploaded your tracks, go to “Confirm” and check everything. If you have to correct things or want to add anything, you press "Edit". When everything is perfect please klick on "Create CD". Now your CD is ready to be produced. You go to "Order" and indicate how many CDs you would like to order, enter the delivery address and press "Submit order and take off".
    Die Netzproduktion GmbH will produce the amount of CDs ordered and deliver them to your address within one week. CD burning technology (CD-R) is used for producing the CDs.
  • Sell your CDs
    You may want to offer your CDs to your fans. If so, just go to “Sell online” and click on the “Sell online” checkbox. CDs will thus be produced on demand and dispatched by Die Netzproduktion GmbH. You will get a share from these sales. Every three months, we will let you know how many CDs have been sold and what your share will be. This amount will be transferred to your bank account (please do not forget to provide us with your bank details).
  • How long does it take for your CDs to arrive at your house?
    We will need about fife to ten days to process your order. If you are in a hurry we can speed the process up and deliver the CDs to you within three days. In this case, we will have to charge you an additional express fee of CHF 50.00.

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